Zoom Whitening in Oak Brook, IL

Zoom Whitening in Oak Brook, IL

Get ready to embrace a brighter, whiter smile with All Smiles Dentistry, LLC, a leading provider of Zoom whitening in Oak Brook, IL. Our seasoned and passionate team is dedicated to helping patients achieve the smile of their dreams. We offer innovative treatments to eliminate cosmetic imperfections and restore confidence in your smile.
Zoom Teeth Whitening in Oak Brook, IL

What Is Zoom Whitening?

Zoom teeth whitening uses a solution made of a quarter hydrogen peroxide to eliminate stains, yellowing, and dark spots on the surface of teeth. The treatment lightens teeth by up to eight shades. Zoom whitening is distinguished from other treatments by an advanced blue light that maximizes the hydrogen peroxide and speeds up the teeth whitening process.

How the Zoom Whitening Procedure Works

Our dentists thoroughly examine your teeth and gums before administering treatment. The examination includes learning about your oral hygiene history and assessing the color and shade of your teeth. During the treatment, we will lightly clean your teeth. After cleaning, we apply the Zoom whitening gel and leave it there for 15 minutes. Applications are repeated two more times for a total treatment time of roughly 45 minutes. Our team accommodates you throughout treatment, and the use of personal devices, reading, and other forms of appropriate relaxation is encouraged.

The Benefits of Zoom Whitening?

The main benefit of Zoom Whitening is a fresh, healthier-looking smile, but it also offers advantages that traditional treatments typically don’t provide, including:
  • Fast in-office treatment that takes less than an hour to complete (usually 45 minutes).
  • Customized settings on the blue light to adjust the intensity, which reduces light sensitivity.
  • If recommended by dentists, Zoom whitening can complement and enhance other cosmetic treatments.

Ready to Experience the Zoom Whitening Difference?

We guarantee the smile you’ve always wanted in an hour or less. If you still have questions or concerns regarding Zoom whitening treatments, our team would be happy to address them and show you why it is the right choice for you. We will provide better teeth whitening for you and your family. Contact us today!